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zactrack´s automatic follow system @ the new Holiday on Ice Show "FESTIVAL"

(Vienna 11.01.2012) The current "Holiday on Ice" live show, "FESTIVAL", is again supported by innovative lighting technology from the Viennese high-tech forge zactrack. The automatic zactrack follow-system ensures that all artists always appear in the best light. From the 11th to the 29th of January 2012, the ice revue show will thrill the audience.

“FESTIVAL" is a celebration of the most beautiful "Holiday on Ice" moments in recent decades and impresses with new acrobatic excellence. After the successful launch of the zactrack system as part of the ice show "TROPICANA", the organizers decided to use the unique follow-system for the current show. With the help of zactrack LIGHT CONTROL, a symbiosis of flexibility and functionality,  the show shines in a new light.

Flexibility meets functionality!

zactrack LIGHT CONTROL can incorporate any spot light and moving light into the zactrack system. Beside all the usual properties of the fixture (e.g. pan, tilt, dimmer, focus, zoom, frost, color), zactrack LIGHT CONTROL adds additional functionalities (e.g. relative iris, relative focus, relative dimmer).

Transponders allow accurate detection of every individual artist.

During the show, every artist is equipped with a small-sized radio transmitter, which allows determining of her or his position at any given moment. Through this, the artist can move absolutely freely and is lit precisely to within a centimetre. Whereas a few decades ago, it was extremely difficult to provide consistent lighting in high quality for swift dance choreographies, nowadays, acobats as well as spectators can count on perfectly set stages with flawless lighting. 

zactrack is the world's only system with such a high performance! zactrack makes a new form of interactive dramaturgy and interconnected effects possible. The mood of the lighting can be programmed to change automatically, according to the position of the performer. When the actor enters the stage, the spotlight fades in automatically and follows him. It fades out once the actor leaves the stage. During the performance, certain stage areas can be assigned as special spots. As soon as the actor enters one of them, all the lights converge and focus on him alone. 


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