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High Performance Automated Follow System

zactrack ® PRO is an automated Follow-System to fulfill all requirements for big projects. People and objects in motion are tracked with high accuracy and represented in a 3D model. High precision mathematics automatically control moving lights, video, and sound devices.





zactrack PRO RADIO TRACKING stands for Ultra-Wide-Band realtime location system. People and objects are equipped with tiny emitters (trackers) and their positions are captured with the network of receivers (anchors) surrounding the action area. This works in aerial (2D) and spacial (3D) configurations. A minimum of six anchors is needed. More than 50 tags can be tracked simultaneously.

Mount your anchors around the stage and measure the positions with a laser disto or a tape measure. Enter the positions into the application or let the wireless connection from laser disto do the job. Prior knowledge of stage geometry is not required.

You can hide the anchors behind decorations or even cover the transmitters with costumes. The system works in all weather conditions, from sunshine to rain.

zactrack CORE is the heart of the automated follow-system. As the central hub, it receives all data from input sources and processes it to send out commands to different effect-devices, cameras and video servers.

zactrack PRO uses a mathematical prediction model of cope with system and fixture latency and guarantees flawless pinpoint tracing of actors, athletes, show cars or other fast moving objects on stage, in the sports arena and on the race track.

Unique Alignment Algorithm

Our zactrack "Alignment Algorithm" calibrates your lights, without pre-knowledge of stage geometry, in 3D-CAD. Just place the zactrack PRO "alignment-puck" on the stage and let the software do the work.

Positional data is processed within the zactrack CORE with generates control commands for a variety of devices.




Innovative zactrack technology enables a wide range of applications for various locations: 

Theatres and stages

 Events, trade fairs and exhibitions

Film and television

Monitoring and documentation


Sports and competitive events

Recreation and theme parks

System Components


zactrack PRO comes with the number of required Anchors, for 2D or 3D tracking, which are mounted around the playing area. One system can handle up to more than 50 trackers simultaneously on stage.


The RTLS - technology (Real Time Location System) by                             Sports & Media GmbH

brings zactrack PRO the accuracy that is needed for tracking with a precision under 10 cm and a update rate of 20 Hz. The hardware is based on qorvo UWB (Ultra-Wide-Band) with a default frequency from 4,25 - 4,75 GHz (channel 3) and a bandwith of 500 MHz.


zactrack PRO Anchor

- 4.25 - 4.75 GHz UWB (ch3) active radio antenna

- 190 x200 x 42 mm, 535 g, PoE, IP 64

- Rig mounting plate for clamp and safety line

- Power supply: PoE (48V) - Neutrik etherCON

zactrack PRO Alignment Puck

- Lighting Sensor

- 95 x 95 x 35 mm, 200 g

- 12 hours battery life (2x AA Batteries)

● zactrack PRO Tracker

- 4.25 - 4.75 GHz UWB (ch3) active radio emitter

- 47 x 33 x 7,5 mm, 15,4 g, IP 54

- 4,5 hours battery operating time

- Charging Time: 2,0 hours (100%), 5V DC

● zactrack PRO Charger

- Capacity for 30 transmitter

- 295 x 235 x 20 mm, 1 kg

- Power supply: DC 24V / 2A


zactrack PRO can be operated stand-alone or as an additional effect device to an existing show control system. All zactrack PRO functions can be controlled by any lighting console. Positions and trigger commands can be transmitted via all common network protocols

(sACN, Artnet, PSN, OSC, MSC, MIDI, DMX, Serial, …)


zactrack LIGHT CONTROL turns any moving light into an automated follow spot by controlling pan/tilt movements. Additionally, zactrack LIGHT CONTROL offers dynamic “auto functions” triggered by the position of an actor (e.g. relative iris, focus, zoom and dimmer). The number of fixtures to be integrated in one system is unlimited.


zactrack VIDEO CONTROL for media servers provides tracking for video projec-tions and LED wall panels. Motion dependent video effects follow the movements of every actor and are programmed into stunning dynamic video effects.


In combination with our game engine inter-face, we deliver interactive games custom-ized to specific needs. Creative design possibilities are unlimited. Interactive large scale video projections open up new opport-unities for audience participation and sponsor ad-placements at arena sporting events.


Sound panning systems require real positioning of an interpreter. zactrack SOUND CONTROL provides those positions for any number of interpreters for the matrix mixer. Sound sources are shifted automatically. Standardized OSC protocol is used as a link to sound panning systems.

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