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We would be pleased to propose the ideal zactrack system configuration for your project. Please use the following message form to post an enquiry. Our sales team will contact you immediately.


As system sizes can vary substantially according to the dimensions of the show, we kindly ask you to answer some basic questions about your application. This information will help us to compile a perfect quote for your requirements.


  • How big is your stage? (Tracking area in width, depth and height)

  • How many actors do you want to track?

  • What kind of movements do you want to follow? (“ice hockey”- fast and hard stops or “stand-up comedian” - slow and smooth)

  • What effects do you want to control? (lighting, video, sound, …)


Please mention in your inquiry, if you are looking for a rental option. In this case we will forward your request to a zactrack rental partner.

Success! Message sent.

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