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With the zactrack Academy we would like to give you the tools and some help at first hand, to work properly with the zactrack systems and give you a little insight in a correct handling and workflow for your first project and demonstrations with our full automatic 3D-tracking application.


For this we have created a tutorial series,  give you some actual interviews of leading industry figures, why and how zactrack worked for them on their productions and we also would like to give you the opportunity with some detailed examples on how the systems were integrated into other shows and events worldwide with some case studies. We hope you find our guidance helpful and look forward to hearing about your first steps and experiences with your first zactrack system integration.


Learn about the

technical and operation

aspects of zactrack products

Watch leading industry

figures explain why zactrack worked for them

on their productions

Discover more on how

zactrack intregrated 

into shows and events


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