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With zactrack, tracking magically advances to a multi-technology system, combining light, sound, and video into a centrally controlled total work of art - completely and simultaneously via one single product. With this, zactrack heralds a new era of dynamic human centric show effects with no limits to the field of application: concert touring, TV studios, theaters, churches or for elaborate installations: zactrack offers the right solution for every production - to achieve a fully immersive audience experience on many sensory levels.

As part of the process of pioneering and engineering new automated tracking products, zactrack identified early on that automated tracking solutions form another layer in the design process of a show. So, in addition to functional uses, a new creative use could offer the designer a new tool or element to their show design. Giving the designer an additional playful

and creative element that enhances their show. Furthermore, tracking and following was suddenly no longer limited to lighting either. Now video, audio, cameras and even stage automation all use tracking data to breathe new life into these technologies - and all at the same time, simultaneously in one show, from one product.


Award winning Lighting Designer Tim Lutkin was an early adopter of zactrack following solutions for both functional and creative use. His work with zactrack on The Lion King allowed technical limitations to be solved, without compromises to his creativity. Even today, his design for Back to the Future shows a following system being used perfectly to create a flexible innovative design tool.


Acclaimed Sound Design Gareth Owen has used zactrack before on a production of Cindarella. He returned to use it again on MJ the Musical on Broadway for an energetic show with a stunning audio tracking experience. Here, every cast member has at least one tracker, resulting in 28 active trackers on stage in a real-world, 3D audio environment. Emphasizing zactrack products are adaptable to any stage technology, any size of performance area and a sometimes-complex cast of multiple performers coming on and off stage during a show.


zactrack's new product portfolio now gives scalable following solutions for the smallest, most intimate spaces right up to the most complex stadium tours. Having the same software suite for all products means the same feature set can be used on any stage, such as the capability that allows you to zone a performance area. This feature gives the designer the tools to define and create zones that trigger certain actions, whether that be dimming zones or even dramatic colours or gobo looks when the tracker is in a specific place. A tracking solution that has evolved to become an essential and indispensable creative tool within live environments.

All products share the following same core values and technologies to allow simultaneous real-time tracking across any stage technology such as lighting, audio, video, cameras and stage automation - all of this from one system.

Our use of Ultra Wide Band Radio means our products can be used through normal stage materials such as truss, wood and cloth. Or even in varied environmental conditions such as rain, bright sunshine, fireworks, snow, haze, etc. There are no compromises!

The use of a unified software suite allows users to learn one application and work with any of the zactrack products easily and intuitively. Patented software uses prediction mathematics to deal with different speeds and paths of performers, allowing these tracked subjects to now have the Freedom to Move and improvise movements with all the stage technologies zactrack reliably controls.

zactrack products are agnostic and happily work with any industry brand and technology, due to their adoption of many standard industry protocols - The products work with any console, fixture, media server, immersive audio, etc. Third party software and applications help to integrate it with generic audio devices or even PTZ cameras.

The result of these shared values results in stable, accurate and precise tracking with the user or operator remaining in full control to incorporate tracking in all or only parts of their show. The quality of tracking is maintained no matter which zactrack product you choose.


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