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Digitization has invaded every sector of the industry. Automation and Artificial Intelligence are at the doorstep of entertainment venues and pushing in hard. New concepts for streaming content and the quest for a “Virtual Audience Experience” for live events has become the center of state-of-the-art research. VR and AR technologies are widely available and ready to be used in show production. The “Theatre 4.0” is about to happen.

We provide services to bring your show to the next level of  holistic effect control system bringing together lighting, sound, video, cameras and stage machinery into one computer controlled environment. Engage with our research and development team to find or invent the “next big thing” for an interactive live experience.


Here are some examples of our range of services:

  • Integration consulting and support for                            systems​

  • Customizing of your computer-controlled lighting system​

  • Research and development in relation to controlled lighting systems​

  • Development of software, mappings, fuzzy logic and AI concepts for lighting systems.​

  • Design and Development of soft- and hardware solutions for computer-controlled lighting systems​

  • Visualizing and simulating whole theatres as “digital twins” in our                       visualization.


                    is a three-dimensional real-time visualization application for theatre stages, studios and open-air arenas. The visualization depicts all real-world elements: their characteristics, performance and natural physical behavior. In connection with any lighting console and stage machinery desk                     will simulate every movement and any lighting condition in real-time for presentation monitors and VR / AR goggles. 


                    is a stand-alone, manufacturer-independent software engine that can be adjusted to any control environment and architectural specifics of a venue (available as OEM).

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