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"Starlight Express" has been running on zactrack since spring 2018

Updated: Feb 8

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Starlight Express” is the the most popular musical show in Germany. It has been performed continuously since 1988 and will celebrate its 30th anniversary this year.

Under the perfect supervision of technical director Peter Lucassen, the theatre in Bochum switched all follow spots from manual to zactrack automation, this was completed by the end of February. Now, 25 actors are tracked with zactrack technology to keep up with all their fast roller-skate moves and neck breaking stunts. 35 moving fixtures are programmed in hundreds of cues to follow the dancers at full speed and deliver a breath-taking experience.

A complete redesign of the show visuals, including moving projections, will follow later this season. There is more to come!

Stage size: 40m width, 42m depth, 12m height, Tracking equipment: 14 anchors, 40 tags Lights: 8 VL 3000, 4 HES Sola Wash 2000,

23 HES Sola Spot 1000

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