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EHC Redbull Munich starts Sling-Shot

Updated: Feb 8

New interactive break game on the ice in 4K-UHD quality

Ice Hockey Club Redbull Munich is the latest sports venue to install a video projection system. EHC Salzburg started with interactive spectator entertainment last February. Now Munich’s Olympia Ice Rink is also being equipped with a comprehensive video projection system for the 2013/14 season. As in Salzburg, 10 HD projectors suspended above the ice use the playing area like a gigantic cinema screen. Such a surface requires the correct resolution: images in 4K-UHD quality, meaning 4x more pixels than offered by HD, were used0 to project a crystal-clear image onto the ice.

Hockey cracks, players in the audience and the ice resurfacer are all captured by means of wireless transponders. The data on their position is used for the interactive effects. zactrack’s very own game engine relays the interactive content in 4K-UHD quality to the projectors in real time.

Once again, imaginative effects amaze the spectators. The ice resurfacer suddenly becomes an icebreaker. The bursting ice flow whizzes through the air. Below the ice, bubbling lava appears. The ice flow plunges down into the depths of the glowing core of the earth, with a loud splash and a spray of sparks.

A new spectator game in Munich is also a highlight in Munich: Sling-Shot. Two voluntary members of the audience are given zactrack transponders and can then collect colourful objects with their “game discs” by moving their bodies to move the discs. Whoever is faster and displays better skills, receives more points and wins the match.

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