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zactrack launches 4th interactive game for Red Bull: "Ice-Invaders"

New interactive game on the ice in 4K-UHD

For the fourth time. zactrack has transformed the Red Bull ice-arena in Munich and Salzburg. This time, the ice rink converts into the infinite universe. The sun is frozen because it is occupied by ice-invaders. Two players have the task of rescuing the planet with their spaceships.

Each player wears a zactrack transponder for position tracking as well as a triggerglove to shoot from the spaceship. Simple movements of the player, to the left and right, control the spaceship. Simultaneously the player fires at the ice-invaders to free the planet. The first player to defrost the planet is the winner.

“Ice Invaders” is the fourth intermission game after  “Formula Ice”, “R-Hockey” and “Sling Shot” that were created, developed and successfully implemented by zactrack.


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