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EHC Redbull Salzburg starts R-Hockey

Full-surface projection on the ice in 4K-UHD quality with interactive games

Ice Hockey Club Redbull Salzburg is setting new standards for spectator entertainment. Just in time for the playoffs in February 2013, Salzburg’s Ice Hockey Stadium announces its full-surface video projection system. 10 HD projectors are suspended above the ice and use the playing area like a gigantic screen at the cinema. The dimensions are truly impressive: the area measures 60 m x 30 m. In order to have a crystal-clear picture on the ice, it is necessary to have more than one HD signal. A cascade of media servers provides videos and images in 4K-UHD quality, meaning 4x more pixels than offered by HD.

A zactrack system is used for break entertainment. The positions of ice hockey players or voluntary members of the audience are used for interactive effects. In addition, zactrack has added a game engine that conveys interactive contents live in 4K-UHD quality to the 10 projectors, just like a game console.

The resulting images are fantastic: Ice hockey cracks glide over the ice with a comet’s tail, the ice resurfacer turns into an enormous lawn mower or collects colourful balls from the ice like a Hoover. The highlight is surely the “R-Hockey” spectator game. Two voluntary members of the audience are given zactrack transponders and can then play a match of virtual ping-pong on the ice, since the ping-pong bats move in harmony with the motions of the players on the ice. A slippery situation! But a whole lot of fun for the entire stadium.


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