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Mumford & Sons - DeltaWorld Tour 2018/19

LD Ed Warren & Phil Kaikoura implemented zactrack very creatively into this stunning 360° stage. The smooth transition from a nicely lit pub-like scene with only a few follow-spots into a heavy strobing beam light picture during the chorus made the audience scream! Nathan White from Neg Earth operated zactrack during the whole tour to perfection!

Thank you for the great job!

Here’s a quote of the current LSA magazine issue (May 2019) dedicated to the tour!

Ed Warren: „Once you get the zones set on the stage with the tablet and once you get the sensors on each band member and you tell each light to follow which sensors, it just works. 

I highly recommend it!“

Read the whole article here

Stage size: 30 width, 20m depth, 10m height Tracking equipment: 14 anchors, 10 tags Lights: 24 Robe BMFL WashBeam


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