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Kylie Minogue's "Golden Tour"UK 2018

Kylie Minogue’s “Golden Tour“ began on 18th September 2018, in Newcastle at the Metro Radio Arena. The first take of the tour covered 14 performances in 11 cities during 3 weeks all over the UK.

All photographs by Andrew Whitton

The glamourous show designed by Rob Sinclair provided some dazzling choreography and lots of special effects. The set included giant video screens, a glittering gold stage and a catwalk style runway leading to a second stage.

A zactrack auto follow system was used to precisely cover all movements of the Australian singer. 60 moving lights focused the star from every direction for stunning lighting effects while being immersed in a shower of rainbow confetti. During quieter scenes zactrack was used only with a single light for a perfect spotlight effect.

Lighting designer on tour was Ali Pike. Programming was done by Ben Cash and his team from Flare Lighting Ltd. The zactrack get-in was assisted by Jonty Rivers, JT Rivers Technical Services and Aaron Veness, product specialist of our UK distributor Ambersphere Ltd.

Stage size: 20m width, 30m depth, 12 m height Tracking equipment: 16 anchors, 30 tags Lights: 20 Martin MAC Viper Performance, 40 Martin MAC AirFX 


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