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Updated: Feb 8

Vienna (17th January 2011) Innovative lighting technology from the high-tech company zactrack plays a vital role in the new "Holiday on Ice" show "TROPICANA". After causing many a sensation abroad, the automated follow-spot-system is in action in Austria for the first time. From the 19th to the 30th January 2011 spectators can not only be enthused by acrobatics, but also by perfection in terms of lighting.

Until the end of January, breathtaking acrobatics and extraordinary costumes, in a sea of lights, enchant thousands of visitors at the unique ice revue "Holiday on Ice" once again. 

zactrack lights up to 34 performers at the same time!

Casting thirty-four dancers in the ideal light, was a challenge that CEO Mag. Werner Petricek and his team took on gladly. CEO Petricek comments on this project: "It is a great opportunity and en excellent challenge to be part of a project of such scale and magnitude. Applying our know-how and profound experience, we are fully dedicated to its success."

Transponders allow for an exact capture of each performer. 

During the show, every artist is equipped with a small-sized radio transmitter, which allows her or his position to be determined at any given moment. Through this, the artist can move absolutely freely and is lit precisely to within a centimetre. Whereas a few decades ago, it was extremely difficult to provide consistent lighting in high quality for swift dance choreographies, nowadays, acobats as well as spectators can count on perfectly set stages with flawless lighting. 

zactrack is the most productive and efficient lighting system worldwide!  zactrack makes a new form of interactive dramaturgy and interconnected effects possible. The mood of the lighting can be programmed to change automatically, depending on the position of the performer. When the actor enters the stage, the spotlight fades in automatically and follows him. It fades out once the actor leaves the stage. During the performance, certain stage areas can be assigned as special spots. As soon as the actor enters one of them, all the lights converge and focus on him alone.  After the great success in the whole of Europe and China, we can now also enjoy zactrack's state of the art lighting technology and be inspired by the brilliant performance of its lighting directors in Vienna. 

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