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"Formula Ice" - the new Red Bull game

Updated: Feb 8

New interactive racing game on the ice in 4K-UHD

For two years now, fans of the Red Bull ice hockey teams Salzburg and Munich have enjoyed very special entertainment in the breaks between periods. A 4K-UHD video projection system covers the whole surface of the ice and transforms it into a huge cinema screen, in the blink of an eye.

The new audience game “Formula Ice” turns the playing surface into a huge racetrack. Using simple left and right directions, the “racing drivers” move their virtual vehicles in real time and have to overcome various obstacles, for example tire stacks, oil spills or ice hockey goals. If players leave the race track or collide with an obstacle, they slow down. The first player to cross the finishing line after one round wins the race.

“Formula Ice” is the third break game, after “R-Hockey” and “Sling Shot”, that was created, developed and successfully implemented by zactrack.  

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