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BMW Booth at IAA Frankfurt 2017

BMW again took up the whole of Hall 11 at the exhibition center in Frankfurt for IAA 2017.

The highlight of the show was a surrounding 150m oval track on which cars could actually drive. Entering from behind a 350 m2 LED-screen , they could either go directly to the 500 m2 stage or up a ramp, round the 'Vision Loop ' around the back of the audience, and back to the stage area. Seven LED-screens kinetically moved in accordance with the complex car choreography.

zactrack detected each car and communicated every movement to the show system, which triggered the appropriate light, sound and video effects. Onstage presenters, like members of the Board of BMW or moderators, were tagged with zactrack, so that the lights could perfectly follow their every move.

Stage size: 25m width, 20m depth, 11m height, 150m oval track length Tracking equipment: 24 anchors, 40 tags Stage Lights: 139 Martin MAC Axiom, 84 Martin MAC Viper, 30 CP Scenius, Oval track lights: 150 LED wash, various types

Lighting Design by Martin Kuhn


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