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APASSIONATA is touring Europe using zactrack!

APASSIONATA “Companions of Light” has been touring Europe since fall 2017.

In their new show, they are using zactrack for all follow spots.

Using tracking technology with animals like horses, with high speeds, quick turns and stops, is the “Champions League” for automated follow spot systems.

In APASSIONATA’s new show, the horses and acrobatic riders are equipped with a total number of 50 zactags during the entire show. 12 zactrack anchors around the arena track every movement the performers make. 18 Clay Paky SharpyWash 300 and 6 Robe BMFL Blade are used to follow all the turbulent action.

APASSIONATA entrusted Rüdiger Benz with a stunning lighting design. His experience and the technical know-how of Media Resource Group (MRG) implemented zactrack automated lighting effects to perfection.

Try to catch a glimpse of the future of automated lighting in the touring-show business.

Stage size: 60m width, 20m depth, 10m height, Tracking equipment: 12 anchors, 53 tags Lights: 18 CP Sharpy wash, 6 Robe BMFL Spot


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