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Celebratory Recap: 15 Years of zactrack

“What a Night!”

On July 5, 2024, zactrack Technologies celebrated its 15th anniversary with a festive gala. 160 international guests from 20 countries partied in true Viennese style in the ballroom of Casino Zögernitz in Vienna.

Paul Roch (Partner, COO, zactrack Technologies) kicked off the evening, followed by our charismatic moderator Vedad Bakovic, who took everyone on a journey through the startup history of zactrack to great successes. With Johann Strauss’s waltzes filling the air, glasses were raised, and delicious food was enjoyed. Stephan Saremba (MD, zactrack International) delivered a laudatory speech, complemented by video greetings from around the globe. The highlight was Werner Petricek (Founder, CEO, zactrack Technologies) delivering a keynote about the exceptional individuals who have accompanied zactrack on its 15-year journey, including Ralph and Philipp Wezorke, Glyn O’Donoghue, Bob Gordon and Ben Saltzman.

Following the birthday cake and heartfelt congratulations to the company and its founder, the evening’s lively segment began with a jazzy performance by Finnish artist Ina Forsman. The night concluded with disco tunes, ending in a dazzling party in the early morning hours.

Here are a few impressions of the festivities and the program of the unforgettable night:

Here’s to the next anniversary!

Your zactrack Technologies Team

Photos by: © Zsolt Marton


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