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Andreas Gabalier at the Olympic Stadium with zactrack front and back

zactrack's large arena debut at the mega open air staring Andreas Gabalier on July 1st 2017.

After years of hard work, we are proud to deliver our zactrack technology to the really big shows: On July 1st 2017, we tracked Andreas Gabalier and two guitarists at the Olympic Stadium in Munich. 75.000 fans celebrated a big party together with the Austrian "Volks-Rock'n-Roller".

Lighting designer Andreas Fink and programmer Michael Mayler enchanted one of the largest show stages in Europe with magical lights and video content. zactrack technology for lighting automation was installed and managed by Florian Behmenburg from Media Resource Group. zactrack controlled all front and back follow spot lights!

No manual follow spots were used! Perfect follow spotting for the whole show, from sunshine to rain!

Stage size: 45m width, 18m depth, 14m height, 45m cat walk Tracking equipment: 16 anchors, 10 tags Front lights: 4 Robe BMFL Spots, at 90m distance from the stage on two,11 meter high towers Back lights: 1 Robe BMFL Spot, 24 HES SolaWash 2000


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