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Now tracking technology hits the entertainment industry for real!

Updated: Feb 8

zactrack International GmbH becomes master distributor for zactrack

On the picture (left to right): Ralph-Jörg Wezorke (Lightpower Group), Stephan Saremba (zactrack International), Werner Petricek (zactrack Lighting Technologies), Paul Roch (zactrack Lighting Technologies), Philipp Wezorke (Lightpower Group)

The newly founded zactrack International GmbH takes over the worldwide exclusive distribution of

zactrack products for the entertainment and event market. Based in Paderborn, Germany, zactrack

International GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of Lightpower Group Paderborn and will be responsible for sales, marketing, support, and service of zactrack tracking solutions in the areas of lighting, audio, video and camera. This includes the already known zactrack PRO and SMART systems as well as future zactrack developments for these market segments.

zactrack Lighting Technologies GmbH Vienna, Austria will continue to be responsible for product

research and development as well as to produce new zactrack solutions.

Founded in 2009, zactrack Lighting Technologies GmbH has developed an innovative Automated Follow System for open-air events, theatre stages and TV-studios. Any number of performers can be radio-tracked in real-time. zactrack precisely aligns moving lights, video projections, cameras and 3D sound to the position of an actor. The product zactrack SMART presents the first “Plug & Play” tracking solution for the entertainment industry.

Stephan Saremba, Managing Director of zactrack International, sees a great opportunity in the

partnership: "zactrack Technologies has developed very advanced tracking technology solutions.

zactrack International, as part of the Lightpower Group, will add the experience and skillset, that will bring this highly innovative brand onto the global entertainment-industry stage. We strongly believe that through our focus on training, support and service, we will be able to expand the use of professional tracking solutions on stages around the globe."

Werner Petricek, CEO of zactrack Lighting Technologies, explained the new cooperation: "zactrack has proven to be the most versatile tracking solution in the industry. The powerful partnership with Lightpower Group, manifested by zactrack International gives us the chance of expanding internationally and provide automation and tracking expertise to our clients worldwide"

Company page: zactrack International GmbH

zactrack International GmbH An der Talle 24-28

33102 Paderborn


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