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zactrack at the Mörbisch Festival on the lake

Updated: Feb 8

Successful zactrack live application at the floating stage in Mörbisch

Captured by zactrack, a leading actor was automatically tracked and followed by four moving-lights during the whole show, at two evening performances of the operetta "Wiener Blut". Invited by Professor Harald Serafin and lighting designer Friedrich Rom, zactrack proved the efficiency and live capability of its automated tracking system.

During a system check under real conditions, zactrack took over the automated tracking of one of the leading actors in the operetta "Wiener Blut". The role of count Zedlau was chosen for this purpose.

Stage designer Rolf Langenfass skilfully concealed the zactrack equipment beneath the stage structures of green hills, rendering it invisible to the audience. The strap containing the transmitter for the 3D wireless tracking was attached under the costumes of the actors who played count Zedlau, Rainer Trost and Christian Zenker.

During the entire performance, the actors were tracked with pinpoint accuracy and lit with four additional spotlights (Futurelight SC780). The zkoor team managed to demonstrate the seamless integration of zactrack in an ongoing production, on a large stage, with sophisticated audio, radio and lighting technology.

#zactrack #mörbischfestival

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