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zactrack announces Lightpower as it's exclusive distributor for zactrack SMART in Germany & Austria

zactrack is proud to announce a new distribution partner:

Starting with January 2020 Lightpower will exclusively distribute our zactrack SMART products in Germany and Austria.

f.l.t.r.: Herbert Marx LP, Paul Roch ZT, Werner Petricek ZT,

Manfred Lütkemeyer LP, Christoph Rosenberg ZT

Established in 1978, Lightpower has developed into an internationally renowned distributor for professional stage lighting equipment. The company offers a unique product synergy together with a comprehensive package of services in the theatre and television sectors as well as for live stage and all other areas of entertainment.

Lightpower will have zactrack demo equipment permanently installed in its facilities. Sales activities, customer service and training will start in January 2020.

Lightpower GmbH

An der Talle 24-28

D-33102 Paderborn



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