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Baptism of fire for zactrack at Studio 44

Successful baptism of fire for zactrack at  Studio 44

The zactrack automated spotlight operation system was used  live for the very first time at TRENDventure 06. It lit up the premises of Studio 44 for the event hosted by the Austrian lotteries and casinos. During the whole afternoon, new trends in brand development, marketing and product design were  presented to trade visitors in a moderated show. Presenters and models entered on a catwalk across the auditorium stage.

The automated light tracking came into play for the moderator of the show, Mr. Thomas Nagy. He was able to move freely across the studio during the whole event, thanks to the zactrack transponder, which was merely the size of a mobile phone. The position of the transponder was recorded by eight directional antennas, 300 times per second and relayed to the zactrack DMX-control-unit, which in turn operated four spotlight moving heads with pinpoint accuracy. Thus, Mr. Nagy was at the intersection of the spotlight cones at any given moment. The proper lighting atmosphere was created, as usual, with the studio-owned lighting desk Wholehog II.

The zkoor development team is very pleased with the successful performance of its system and is thankful to the team of Studio 44 for their generous support.

Further installations at renowned stages across Vienna are to follow in the course of summer 2006.


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