The new “Marvel Superheroes united” at Disneyland Paris runs on zactrack

The 20 minutes show at the Walt Disney Studios’ theatre does not disappoint the action lovers. Each one of the well-known heroes has her and his moment of glory where they can demonstrate their superpowers. The new fantastic lighting design by Tim Lutkin uses zactrack technology in a way no other show currently on display has ever done.

Regardless if it is Iron Man flying in on his jets or Spiderman doing swinging stunts, Thor smashing his hammer or Black Panther nocking villains by the dozens - every character on stage is equipped with zactrack tags and position tracked. 86 moving lights are used together with a Grand MA 2 lighting desk in a crescendo of stunning, ever changing effects. Even flying drones are zactrack tagged and lighted with pinpoint accuracy.

The show runs since March 23rd 2019, 5 times a day, 7 days a week. 

Tech specs:

Stage size: 22m width, 20m depth, 10 m height

Tracking equipment: 13 anchors, 54 tags

Lights: 6 CLAY PAKY Sharpy Wash 330, 60 ROBE BMFL Blade, 20 ROBE LED Beam 150

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