zactrack GmbH

Rotensterngasse 21/1

1020 Vienna, Austria

t.: +43-699-1414 8000


Business Information

Companies Register: FN 334687 m

Companies Court: Vienna

VAT: ATU 65223901

zactrack develops automated “Following Systems” designed for open-air events, theatre stages and studios.

Any number of performers can be tracked and registered in a 3D computer model. Various tracking technologies are used to achieve the best performance for each location. In smaller areas we use optical systems. At larger Venues we use the LPM radio tracking which scales up to 1.500 x 1.500 meters range. Tracking can also be achieved by importing the movement data of stage machinery systems. zactrack controls and precisely aligns moving lights, cameras, video projections and 3D sound panning systems. Effect devices are usually controlled in the DMX 512/ArtNet standard protocols. zactrack integrates easily into your existing lighting infrastructure. All zactrack functions can be controlled from your lighting console.

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zactrack Lighting Technologies GmbH |  Rotensterngasse 21/1 1020 Wien | t.: +43-699-1414 8000


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